Information systems technology is an essential part of any viable sign management firm’s operations. Sign Management Consultants’ service offerings in this area are unparalleled in the industry.

A sign program combines design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction with the end-to-end management and coordination of the process. There are many stakeholders, including end users, on-site property managers, corporate administrators, manufacturers, installers, and other parties who need to be proactively informed at important milestone events and who need easy access to up-to-date information at any step of the process.

To that end, we have built the smcprimis™ framework - from the ground up and completely in-house - utilizing our over 35 years of sign program management experience. We have combined our pioneering expertise in the sign program management process with advanced software development practices to provide our clients the finest sign program information system available anywhere.

The smcprimis™ framework is not a one-size-fits-all system that we shoehorn our client’s sign program into. It is a solid and extensive software and database framework that forms the basis for each client’s customized solution.

With systems based on the smcprimis™ framework, we can provide on-line access to:

  • Engineering specifications and drawings
  • Detailed survey information for each site, including extensive photographs
  • Sign recommendation drawings (including ability to approve and request revisions)
  • Detailed scope-of-work and bid forms for sign manufacturers
  • Presentation of bids and manufacturer selection by the end user
  • Reporting and live updates to important milestone events
    (e.g., permit obtained, installation scheduled, etc.)
  • Payment tracking and accounting system interfacing
  • Punch list inspection reports with photographs
  • Just about anything else our client needs related to their sign program

The various authorized system users can make role-based, security controlled updates directly on-line, and we provide automated email notification of significant events to all relevant parties. We also work with our clients to provide custom, regularly scheduled automated data imports and exports so that critical information is kept up-to-date in everyone’s system.

Can we back up this talk?

In the Holiday Inn program, our systems enabled us to manage the sign conversion at over 2,200 locations (and counting). In the process, we prepared and provided the survey and recommendation drawings for each location on-line. We cataloged over 150,000 survey and punch list photographs! We managed over 20 different sign manufacturers who submitted over 18,000 bids (yielding, on average, at least 8 bids for each site to choose from)!

Let Sign Management Consultants put the extensive capabilities of the smcprimis™ framework to work on your sign program today!