One of our strengths at SMC is our ability to provide a wide range of services with our in-house staff. We are able to manage entire sign programs, as well as providing options that include client-specific individual services. A listing of these services is below:

Comprehensive Sign Program Management

We have developed a process that has had proven success many times over. Our process encompasses the time from when you are first deciding upon a logo to when your last sign has been installed. Clients maximize the benefit of our services when we are involved in the early stages of the process.

Individual Services

Individual services are utilized by our clients for a number of reasons including: quality consistency, expansion, acquisition and rebranding, among other numerous reasons for changing signage. We can provide direction for a new sign program by performing a single service or a customized package of any of the services listed below.
smcprimis™ framework
We provide an advanced software system for managing sign programs called smcprimis™ framework. In a past project, our system accommodated 10,000 users and 25 businesses. In an industry where communication is key, providing software to facilitate this process has become one of our most important services. Our experienced team has developed the most advanced tool available in the industry, which includes workflow management, manufacturer integration, milestone tracking, bid administration, and project reporting; all of which are available via mobile, Web, and desktop platforms. All our development is done in-house, so we are available to provide additional customized capabilities throughout each project. This is a critical aspect of brand implementation, so we encourage you to put our online tools to the test against all the others. more info...
Sign Surveys
After a thorough examination of the property and surroundings we can determine where signs are needed at the site for identification and directional guidance, based on marketing philosophies and environmental guidelines. Our sign survey package gives clients an in-depth look at each site where signage is needed and assists in the decision-making for implementing a sign program.
SMC has completed survey projects varying in size from 1 to 3200 locations in 85 countries.
Evaluation of Property
As the properties are surveyed, useful information is compiled about the state of the current signage. This information is used to design sizes and types of new signage that will be needed in a new program.
Custom Design Development
We provide custom sign design and graphics based on your identity standards and sign program guidelines. Our design services include photo imaging, color renderings, presentation artwork, graphics design, digital graphics and vehicle graphics.
Evaluation of Design
Our experience can be very useful when evaluating design feasibility. When you are working with a branding firm, leverage our experience to avoid unforeseen issues that may occur when turning your beautiful design into a finished product.
We develop full-scale working models of the new sign designs in order to evaluate the concept, compare, and adjust the designs if necessary before production.
Recommendation Drawings
Using the surveys and newly developed design, we look at each property and visually apply the new brand standards. The result is a drawing package that contains all pertinent information about what is changing at a facility. The Recommendation Drawing serves as the centerpiece of communication throughout the brand implementation.
Oversight of Pilot Projects
Testing the implementation of a brand change on a small scale can sometimes give us insight into the effects of a full scale implementation. We can help devise the scale of a pilot project and then manage its implementation.
Our team of engineers will ensure that the best structural design is implemented and that it is communicated clearly to the sign manufacturer(s) and installers. This includes design and specification for all sign components, including face decoration, lighting, structure, metal fabrication and painting.
Our engineering package is a valuable tool as our drawings clearly establish a standard for quality and consistency within the sign program.
Manufacturer Contracts
Based on the nature of your program and sign design, we can use our knowledge of the sign industry to develop a bidders list. When the list is finalized, we develop contracts with each manufacturer based on the program requirements.
Bid packages are assembled based on each client’s sign specifications and sent out for bid. We manage the entire bidding process for you. As the client, you then select the manufacturer that best fit your needs based on the bids presented.
Program Management
Our management services include program design, budgeting, strategic planning and supervision when multiple signs and/or locations of signs are involved. We assume the responsibility of overseeing and administering any or all aspects of your sign program in order to greatly reduce the demands on your staff and resources. We offer these services in cases such as a rebrand, merger, or acquisition where heavy coordination is required.
Quality Control and Punch List Inspections
Our personnel can perform in-plant manufacturer inspections throughout the program to ensure product quality and conformance to standards.
We perform both day and night on-site inspections once the signs are installed to ensure they were manufactured and installed with the highest quality, and that all client specifications were adhered to during the process.