Sign Management Consultants has managed two major identity conversions for Temple-Inland and provides ongoing brand implementation services.

Time Line:

Temple-Inland and Sign Management Consultants have enjoyed a long standing relationship since 1997 that continues to the present.

The Process:

  • Sign Surveys
  • Prototyping
  • Custom Designs
  • Sign Permitting
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Contract Administration
  • Inspections

The Project:

Temple–Inland Inc. is a major manufacturer of corrugated packaging and forest products with a diversified financial services operation. These businesses are focused on domestic markets (United States and Mexico), and the company’s products serve every segment of the population.

Prior to 2004 the corrugated packaging business was known as Inland Paperboard and Packing. In 2004, Sign Management Consultants was given the assignment to design and manage the sign conversion for both businesses under one brand known as Temple–Inland. We were responsible for the signage conversion at 166 sites throughout the US and Mexico.

The Outcome:

The overall signage cost was greatly reduced because we had managed the Inland Paperboard and Package since 1997. We had surveys and up-to-date punch list information on 91 sites from the previous signage conversion. We carefully reviewed each site, and were able to retrofit existing signs which resulted in a 40% plus savings over new installation. We continue to work with Temple–Inland on new acquisitions and maintain their sign identity standards.