Holiday Inn was looking to revitalize the brand and address slipping quality standards. As part of this revitalization, each hotel would have to go through a re-launch process. Once the hotel had re-launched, they would be able to advertise their achievement by displaying the newly-designed Holiday Inn logo and signage. Sign Management Consultants (SMC) role was to provide a turnkey solution for the design and implementation of the new signage for all 2,600 hotels in the Americas.

Time Line:

This project began in early 2006 when SMC began the survey process of every Holiday Inn property in the world. In five months, SMC visited 3,200 hotels around the globe. In October 2007, the new brand was unveiled to the public at Holiday Inn’s yearly investors conference. This included six full-size first run signs. These were built as prototypes of an incomplete design. The schedule was very tight as the signs came together within six weeks before the conference. Implementation began in June of 2008. This project was extremely time sensitive, and SMC met every deadline.

The Process:

This project encompassed SMCs full range of services:
  • Surveys
  • Design Development
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot Project
  • Project Management
  • Inspections

Challenges Met by SMC:

There were various challenges along the way. To begin, timing was an issue. The survey project was very tight. Between contractors and new hires, we used about 35 people to visit 3,200 hotels. The timeline also became very tight when we began prototyping: The design approvals took longer than expected, and we were pushed to get signs built, evaluated, and then shipped to the conference for unveiling, all in about six weeks. The design of this sign called for some complicated components. Our engineers put a lot of work into making the designer’s image of the sign a reality. Through careful sourcing and innovative techniques, we were able to bring it to life. Overall management of the project was one of the biggest challenges. The way corporate Holiday Inn asked us to manage the project was in a manner that allowed each hotel to control the funding and approval for its job. This essentially meant there were 2,600 clients instead of one client; each one needed to be tracked and managed separately.

The Outcome:

SMC implemented signage at more than 2,000 hotels.

SMC’s Unique Accomplishments:

There were over 35 companies involved in making the re-launch happen. Although SMC directly controlled 23 of them, the rest had to be coordinated to achieve a specific re-launch schedule. SMC developed the most advanced system in the industry in order to coordinate the process at each hotel. We have yet to see a product from any other company that compares to the systems we develop. We have done this type of job many times before and can leverage our experience to steer our client in the right direction when making decisions about the project. Our experience allowed us to quickly select the most adequate manufacturers for the job in all stages of the project. We know which manufacturers excel in different areas and how to apply them to the task at hand.

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