At Sign Management Consultants, we’re excited to talk about the new projects we’ve been working on. Each client has their own expectations and requirements, so we are constantly developing innovative ways to accomplish what the client needs. Below are some of examples of recent and on-going projects.

Holiday Inn Rebranding

Holiday Inn has a history of innovation in the hospitality industry. When parent company IHG decided it was time to Relaunch the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express brands, Sign Management Consultants was eager to be part of it. The result was one of the largest and most innovative sign conversions in history.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has a long-standing relationship with Sign Management Consultants. During and since the Lockheed / Martin Marietta merger, Sign Management Consultants has provided brand implementation services for Lockheed Martin locations throughout the world.


Temple-Inland is one of the largest US producers of corrugated packaging. Sign Management Consultants has partnered with Temple-Inland through multiple brand conversions. We feel that ongoing relationships like these are the best indicator of how well we provide our services.